At Southwood School we focus on literacy every month. However, the
month of February is known as “Literacy Month”, so we want to take time
during February to do some extra literacy activities to help show the joys of
reading, writing and playing games that promote literacy.

On February 5 we are excited to welcome Corny Rempel to our school for
the Literacy month kick-off assembly! The assembly will be held in the gym
at 9:08 am.

During Literacy month, the students will have the opportunity to do a
take-home “Literacy Boost” Challenge. Students are asked to try to
complete all of the 15 literacy activities on the challenge sheet by February
22. They can cross off each activity square as they do them at home.
When the challenge is completed, and an adult has signed the sheet, the
sheet can be returned to the classroom teacher for the student to have a
chance to win a Booster Juice!

At school the students will get to do a literacy scavenger hunt with their
class! Each class will be able to look throughout the school for items on the
scavenger hunt list!

You can also check out our annual Southwood School Staff Favourites page to see which book the staff chose as their favourite!

We are looking forward to Literacy month getting started!

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