We would like to welcome any new members on PAC for the upcoming year. Our next meeting is Tuesday, June 4th at 6:30 pm at Southwood School. All are welcome to attend!


  • PAC Members
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Patti LytwynCo-chairpacsouthwood@gmail.com
Ruth ToewsCo-chairpacsouthwood@gmail.com
Amanda KlippensteinTreasurer
Amy BlatzSecretary
Sarah FunkHot Lunch Coordinator
Lara WielerFundraising Coordinator
Tess DoerksenPAC Member
Rebekah StelmackPAC Member
Rod KehlerPrincipalrkehler@hsd.ca
Chantal JohnsonVice Principalchjohnson@hsd.ca
Nicole BillialdTeacher Representativenbilliald@hsd.ca