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January Makerspace Challenge!

During the month of January, classes will work together on their collaboration skills to create a sculpture or structure using snow!  Classes will be taking pictures of their creations and we will celebrate their designs at the Feb. 8th Assembly.


Southwood school is proud to offer our students an opportunity to work and learn in a MAKERSPACE!

Our Makerspace is located in the former computer lab, just across from the library. In it, you will find a wide variety of materials and resources to get the students learning with hands-on projects. With materials like cardboard, wood, basic tools, craft supplies, paper, and lego, and electronics like iPads, computer circuitry, green screen, robotics, and interactive boards, the students can engage in areas of their interest in any number of ways. The possibilities are endless in the Southwood Makerspace!

The main idea with the Makerspace is that through questioning, planning, designing, collaborating, correcting, and sharing about their projects, the students are demonstrating in-depth learning that crosses the “subjects” and leaves a deep learning experience in place.

The Makerspace is a very busy place, and the students are there, working on projects now!

Teachers and Students can make use of the links below for their Makerspace projects.

Term Challenges

The Southwood School Makerspace Team will be introducing Makerspace Design Challenges for each term this year!

Students will be given an idea to inspire them, and then they will have the opportunity during class time to create a prototype and bring their ideas to life. Together, Southwood School will celebrate the creations that students make by honouring one class from each grade with a MakerspaceDesign Challenge Trophy. The class that wins the Makerspace Design Challenge will be awarded a grade level trophy to keep in their classroom for the month.