The Southwood School staff strives to instill the love of reading and writing in all of our students. We work hard at school to encourage and support every student to strengthen this love.  Research has shown that parents/guardians can have a significant impact on their children’s literacy development. Children who have opportunities to read and write at home with their parents/guardians can build positive attitudes toward language.  Home, alongside the school, is where a child’s love of reading can grow.


Consonant Blends

Click here to watch a video lesson about consonant blends

Click here for a consonant blends matching game.

Fluency Practice

Click here to practice your reading fluency!

Free Reading Websites for Children

Click here for free reading websites for children.

Games to Promote Literacy

Click here for suggestions of board games that promote literacy!

Helping Your Child to Read at Home

5 Effective Strategies for Problem-Solving Words

1. Look at the picture and/or think about what makes sense.

2. Re-read and try the first sound.

3. Look for a part you know.

4. Make a link to a word you know (cat–catch; bed-sled).

5. Read on and come back.

You can also click on the links below for ways to help your child read at home.

How to Read With Your Child

Helping Your Child To Read At Home

Letter Sounds

Click here to practice making the right letter sounds!


See below for some links to help your child learn and practice rhyming.

Click here to watch a video lesson about rhyming. (*Parents* please note to start the video at :55 and end the video at 3:25)

Click here for a fun rhyming game.

Vowel Combinations

Click here for word examples using the different vowel combinations

Click here for vowel combination games

Ways to Encourage Writing at Home

Click here for suggestions to encourage writing at home

Book Recommendations from the Students of Southwood School

Check back often! More book recommendations from Southwood Students are coming soon!

Click on the link below to view a book recommendation from a fellow Southwood Student.


Owl Diaries : Eva’s Big Sleepover

The Little League from the Black Lagoon

The Photo Book

The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs

Calling all Southwood Students! Do you have a great book recommendation that you’d like to share with your school mates? Talk to your teacher or Mrs. Locke!

Staff Favourites

Click here to see the Southwood School Staff’s favourite children’s books.