1. School supplies that are consumable within one year will be ordered by the school at a reduced rate due to our bulk ordering capabilities. (This allows teachers to request the exact type and quality of supply they want their students to use without passing on the difficulty and cost of finding those items to you as parents.)

2. The school will order and bring in the supplies, and the teachers will then organize and distribute to the students as needed.

3. $40 fee for the year will cover all your child’s supplies such as pencils, pens, notebooks, folders, crayons etc. etc. Fees should be paid, if at all possible on the Parent Portal.

4. Parents still supply extra running shoes for indoor use, headphones, a lunchkit and backpack.

5. Activity fees will be reduced to $15.00. Field trip fees may be added throughout the year, if needed.

6. In summary: School Supplies + Activity Fees will be a total of $55.00 fees owing per student.