Southwood School House Calls!


Southwood School has introduced a house colour system.  The house colour system is designed to help build our school community, citizenship, and give students a sense of belonging and ownership.  Each student is assigned to a house colour, identified by one of six colors: Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Green or Blue.

Within their house colour designation, students participate in special events like house hooplas, house colour day, assemblies, and other cross grade activities throughout the year. Each house color is made up of students from grades kindergarten to grade four and provides opportunities for positive interaction among the grade levels.

Our aim of the house system will give students a focus of identity outside of their classroom.  This approach would meet the “need for belonging” which is one of the needs identified within the philosophy of Real Restitution.   By mixing the students from across the grade levels in a house, it provides opportunities for students to meet peers with whom they may not otherwise interact.  It also allows our older students to build skills related to citizenship, responsibility, and mentorship.

Students earn points for their house by participating in school activities, community service, and adhering to our school motto – CARE, LEARN, GROW.  Houses are also awarded points for positive behavior and citizenship.  Over the course of the year, color house teams will be drawn to participate in house hooplas led by the school principals.  All staff members are also part of the house colour teams.

A limited number of house color t-shirts will be on sale starting September 4, 2018 at Meet the Teacher Night at the low price of $10.00 per t-shirt.  Kindergarten students for the 2018-2019 school year will receive a free house color t-shirt as a gift from the staff at Southwood School.

The house color system is meant to get all students and staff involved in school activities and build school community and a sense of belonging.  When all students feel they can make a difference, it creates a positive climate, making the house colour system a win-win opportunity.

House Hands