Strong Connections will be held on September 13th and 16th.  Parents can view your student’s Strong Connection date on the Parent Portal or email the teacher; if you have more than one child, all of your children will attend on the same day.

Strong Connections is an assessment and relationship building program designed to enhance the beginning-of-the-year connection, assessment and familiarity of each student.

These activities are not tests. It is a day to help us get to know our students from a variety of perspectives. The format for Strong Connections also provides an opportunity for teachers to extend and consolidate their understanding of each child through one-on-one interview/assessment times, and hopefully, help build a strong foundation for a positive relationship between the child and the teacher.

Approximately 240 out of Southwood’s 480 students will attend school only one of these two days.

Please understand that your family will NOT be at school either Friday or Monday.


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