Parent Information Night

Brain research and educational data have taught the field of education a great deal over the last fifteen years. For these reasons, we continually reflect and change our practices to align with current research. This changes the way we teach children, set up our school environments, and deal with behavioural issues.

We have studied pieces of research that indicate we should also be addressing the way we schedule a child’s day at school. For this reason Southwood School will be taking part in a two year pilot to implement a balanced day schedule starting this September. We invite you to join us for a parent information night on February 6 (7:30 pm) in the school gym. If you are unable to attend, a parent package will be sent out to all families February 7.

If you have any questions feel free to contact either myself or our Vice Principal, Mrs. Koop. Thank you for your continued support as we teach and nurture your children.

Rod Kehler, Principal

in: General