Southwood’s Newest Roof

Written by: 4J

November 7 2017

On October 10, 2017, Master Roofing started to repair Southwood School’s 30 year old, leaking roof. If no problems arise, the roof is expected to be completed by Christmas. Mr. Johnson’s grade 4 class interviewed the foreman of Master Roofing regarding the process of this huge project.

Job foreman, Ed Bussiers, explained that all sections of the old roof are not the same age. So the roofers are going to reconstruct area by area. They have to remove the aged roof and then secure the new tiles.

The new roof is made of different materials than the old roof. The roofers are going to use insulation that keeps the school hot in winter and chilly in summer. Then they stick tar material and gravel over top with a torch.

Bussiers explained that Master Roofing has been a company for over 40 years! Some other interesting facts about this job are: They use cranes and lifts to get the materials up to the roof. This project is going to be very expensive, costing almost $1 000 000! Also, Bussiers says that the view from the top of the school is wonderful! They can see all of the school property and the students playing during recess.

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