Hi Students and Parents!

Although we know school may look a little different, we are still excited about the possibilities for the upcoming school year. Our House Colour System has been tweaked a little to support our school cohorts. All students have been reassigned to a new house colour group! Below you will find a list of the updated house colour groups and which grades have been assigned to them. You will also be able to find the mascots on all of our exterior doors. These images will help students identify which door is for their cohort to enter and/or exit the building. When dropping off your children at school, please use these entrances. Thanks!!

House Colours for the year will be:

Green Gators – 1B, 1G & 1M
Purple Panthers – 1C, 1P & 2F
Yellow Yakity-Yaks – 2C, 2K & 2N
Red Rockets – 3/4B & 3/4J
Blue Coyotes – 3H, 3M & 3P
Orange Orangutans – 4D, 4H & 4N
Pink Flamingos – K1G, K2G, K3B, K4H & K5V
Rainbow Fish – EA’s, Specialists, Support Teachers, Admin, Office Staff, and Custodial Staff

Please click on the links below to review the house colours and their logos as well as the maps for both the school entrances and playground zones.