Southwood School’s Nature Playground plan is available for viewing by clicking the link below.

Nature Playground Plan

January 2019

The Southwood School Nature Playground Project started with a vision many years ago.  In the fall of 2014 a planning committee involving current PAC members, classroom teachers, and school administration began putting the dream into reality.  Funds from parent council, local charities, government grants, and school fundraising efforts supported the planning process and development of the initial phase.

The vision was shared with a landscaping designer, who was then hired to create the drawings for an eight phased nature playground project.  In August of 2015, the construction of phase one began. Phase one consisted of a seven foot hill with a tunnel, a small climbing wall, and an area for students to climb on natural elements like trees and stones.  Phase one was completed with the addition of a turf covering in the fall of 2018. The total cost of phase one reached $70,000.00.

Phase two of the nature playground project began in the spring of 2017.  This phase is referred to as the “outdoor classroom” and is located on the east side of the school nestled in between the school building and the portable classrooms.  This phase required a great deal of work initially to create a hard packed gravel base. Two retaining wall gardens enclose four concrete tables with umbrellas and two large trees, acting as a courtyard.  The retaining walls also include two outdoor sink areas and counter space for students to work on activities related to planting and gardening. The planters are filled with a variety of perennial plants as well as vegetables which are planted in the spring.  Many classes enjoy the outdoor classroom environment for their regularly scheduled class time when the weather is suitable. Phase two of the nature playground project was completed by the fall of 2018.

Planning and fundraising efforts are soon to begin for phase three of the Southwood School Nature Playground Project.  Donations for this project are greatly appreciated as the parents and staff of Southwood School continue to improve the learning environment for the nurture and growth of all our students.