Our book catalogue, Destiny, is available here on the Southwood School website so that you and your child can browse what books are available and request the titles that they would like. On their scheduled library days I will bring the books they’ve requested to their classroom. Below you will find a link to both a set of instructions that you can print off to have handy and a link to the catalogue.

Let’s Get Started!

* To get a full list of instructions on how to request a book, please click here!

* If you have already requested books and do not need to review the list of instructions you can go straight to the catalogue by using the following link: Access Destiny

Please Note:

Kindergarten sign outs will be done through their teacher at this time
Grade One and Two students will be able to request 1 book
Grade Three and Four students will be able to request 2 books

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself, Mrs. Locke, either at the school office or by email at slocke@hsd.ca