Grade One through Grade Four students will either come to school on Friday, September 15th or Monday September 18th for Strong Connections. (Please note that they have no school on the day they are not scheduled to come for Strong Connections.) By now you will have received an email letting you know which date your child is to come to school for Strong Connections.  If you have not received an email please contact the office.

What Is Strong Connections?

Strong Connections is an opportunity for teachers to “get-to-know” their students as a learner.  This “get to know” each other is important this fall as every other year as our relationships with students is the foundation of our work.  Getting to know our students includes getting to know them as a unique little human and as a learner.   Strong Connections activities are not tests, but rather tasks to help us get to know our students and how they learn in order to best plan for instruction that will effectively address unique learning needs early in the school year.  

The format for Strong Connections provides an opportunity for teachers to extend and consolidate their understanding of each child through one-on-one interviews and small group interaction which will build a strong foundation for a positive relationship between the child and the teacher.  Teachers will use the information gathered to facilitate planning to meet the individual academic and social/emotional needs of each student.

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