Learning Expo – Thursday, March 23rd

All of our students will be showcasing this term’s work, selecting work that fits into one of our Southwood characteristics of CARE.LEARN.GROW. Please keep reading for important information about times for this event!

Kindergarten students will be performing a short concert in the gym for all their parents. Grades 1 – 4 will be showing their work in their classrooms.

Parents will be invited to attend with their child to visit their classroom during a 15 minute time slot to learn from the student and teacher about what they have been working on these past few months.

Appointment bookings should be done on Parent Portal between March 16th and March 23rd. Should you have any questions about booking on the Parent Portal, please contact our office by phone at 204-326-3518, or email southwood@hsd.ca.

For all Grades 1 – 4 Students
All students have worked with their classroom teachers and classmates to prepare a display of something they have been working on and learning this past term.
These displays will be in their classrooms.

Parents – sign up in one of the 30 minute time slots on Parent Portal. (Your session will only take about 15 minutes, so sign up for more than one class in the same time slot if you have more than one child attending Southwood).

Grade’s 3 and 4 Music Students
Grade’s 3’s and 4’s, are scheduled to do a short performance for parents at specific times (See schedule attached)
Please try to book your classroom time before or after the music performance.

Kindergarten Students
You do not need to book an appointment to attend the learning expo
Kindergarten Students will be putting on a short show for their parents and families in the gym at 5:30.
Students should arrive at 5:15 and be dropped off at their classes.
Parents of K students may schedule one of their other student’s class visits while they wait or grab a seat in the gym and book classroom times for their older students at a time after the K show.

All Students Welcome
Unscheduled Phys Ed activities will be taking place in the Makerspace throughout the evening. Feel free to drop in.

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