We are very excited to welcome you all to the Family Picnic Event for lunch on Wednesday, June 29th at 11:45 a.m. until 12:50 p.m. Please continue reading for all the important details.

Please bring a picnic lunch for you and your children. (Please note that if you are buying restaurant food locally, we are not the only school having a picnic and lines will likely be very, very long. You may need to plan ahead so you can arrive on time.) Lawn chairs, blankets and whatever else you need for seating will be helpful as we will be eating out on the playground once you have picked up your students.

At 11:45, Kindergarten and Grade 1 students will be waiting for you in their classrooms. Grades 2, 3 and 4 students will wait at a designated place on the playground – grade 2’s will be in the bus loading zone, grade 3’s will be at the far end of the huts, grade 3/4 classes will be near the garden boxes, grade 4’s will be beyond the swings. Each class will hold a sign so that you can easily find them.

At 12:50, the recess bell will go and students will return to their classes to get ready for the afternoon events. At this time, families need to pack up and free up the playground as this space will be used for our afternoon activities.

Contingency plan for rain — Families may spread out throughout the school and have an indoor picnic with their students. All of our indoor spaces will be open to parents and students.
If you are taking your child home after the picnic, you need to let the office know either by email, by phone or check in before you leave.

Lost and Found — Please take a look at the tables in the foyer for any lost items.

We look forward to spending some time with you as families, celebrating a successful school year.

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