It is that time of year when Southwood School fundraises for Jump Rope for Heart. This year all fundraising is being done online. There are two ways we are collecting donations:

1. By creating you own student page as part of our school fundraiser – Click Here:

2. By donating directly to our school fundraiser (without creating your own student page) – Click Here:

We encourage you to take advantage of creating your own student fundraising page so that family and friends can donate directly on your behalf because then you get the opportunity to earn prizes! (Clicking the following link will take you directly to the Jump Rope For Heart website with a list of available prizes.) Click Here:

Our Jump Rope event will take place on April 13 & 14 during gym class when students will participate in several different jumping activities. For even more fun and an extra challenge, you can pick one (or more) of the EASY Healthy Habits from the Jump Rope For Heart challenge and track how many days in a row you have practiced it. When you create your online student fundraising page you will be able to enter your EASY Healthy Habits and your streak will show on your page so that friends and family can cheer you on! Families are encouraged to participate in the EASY Healthy Habits challenge together.

Every donation helps us reach our goal and protect more hearts! You can fundraise anytime from now until April 14th. Southwood School’s goal is to fundraise $1000. Together we can make that happen! If we are able to reach our goal, Ms. Thiessen has agreed to sing a song to us!

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