SWIS (Settlement Workers in Schools), want to help newcomer kids build good relationships with other kids. One of the ways kids connect best is through play. This is the purpose of the SWIS After-School-Program: a place where kids can play together to make new friends and improve their English.

Your child is invited to participate in the SWIS After-School-Program. Starting on February 9, we will meet in the gym of the Southwood Elementary School, Steinbach, Wednesdays from 3:50 PM to 5PM to play and connect. We will not meet on any holidays or weather-related school closure days.

Important Notice: Parents must notify the school every Wednesday for the child to participate in this program. If the school is not notified, the school will send the child home as per the usual home time arrangements.

If your child is interested, please register online or print and fill out the registration form by clicking here. To register online, follow this link.

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