At Southwood School we focus on literacy every month. However, the month of February is known as “Literacy Month”, so we want to take time during February to do some extra literacy activities to help promote the joys of reading, writing and playing games that promote literacy.

Starting at the beginning of February, the students will have the opportunity to do a take-home Literacy Challenge. Students are asked to try to complete all of the 25 literacy activities on the challenge sheet in the month of February. They can check off each activity square as they do them at home.

Throughout the month of February, each classroom can choose from a variety of literacy based activities to do. Some of the activities include: a cohort teacher swap, doing a “Book Buzz”, making book recommendations, exploring the literacy link on the Southwood website, writing class poems and stories…to name a few!

We are looking forward to Literacy month getting started!

For a printable copy of the Literacy Challenge, please click here.

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