We are excited to be able to do a Chocolate Fundraiser before Spring Break to generate funds for upgrading our Nature Playground and to be able to host special student events such as the Grade 4 Farewell.

Since we can’t distribute chocolates like we usually do, we are offering complete cases for sale to ensure that the product is sealed and safe until it reaches your home. This means parents will need to pre-order and pre-pay for each case of chocolates they want to buy, at a cost of $90.00 per case. The school will then order the chocolate and will let parents know when they are ready for curb-side pick-up; before Spring Break (exact date T.B.A.). After you receive your chocolates you are able to sell them as you see fit. (Although we don’t recommend that you sell chocolates door-to-door due to COVID-19, we are sure you will find creative ways to get them to your friends and family safely).

To keep things simple we have 2 case options available:

World’s Finest Chocolate Covered Almonds – 30 boxes/case

Laura Secord Nut and Peanut Free Mixed Case:

· 8 milk chocolate crisp bars

· 8 pure milk chocolate bars

· 6 milk chocolate mint bars

· 5 milk chocolate and sea salt bites

· 5 milk chocolate and maple bites

Every case that you order will come with a token thank you gift. If you order 3 cases you will be entered for the grand prize draw of a new Chromebook for your family to enjoy! For every case you order over 3 you will receive an extra entry for the draw to increase your chances of winning!

If you are interested in participating in our Chocolate Fundraiser, please enter your order by March 17th using the simple order form that was emailed to you. Payment must also be dropped off at the school by cash or cheque by March 17. You can also order by clicking on the red order button below.

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