Due to a system/switch issue within MTS in the Steinbach exchange area, HSD is making a small change to the caller ID for notification calls sent through BrightArrow. This change will also add a new feature for parents to use if you want to have previous messages replayed. This should alleviate any issues where messages were being cut off.

Starting December 16, the caller ID shown on phone messages and announcements sent through the BrightArrow Notification System will show 1-855-994-4242. Parents can call this toll-free number to replay messages sent to your number in the past 24 hours.

All settings within BrightArrow will be set to show the 855 number as the caller id. No action is required on your part.

An email will be sent to all parents with information so that you will recognize this number as a call from HSD. You may add this number to your caller id list if you so choose.

Please feel free to contact the school once classes resume if you have any questions.

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