We are very excited about our new school motto (care. learn. grow.) and our new school logo. We still have a tree as our logo but it has been changed a little bit. We, as a staff, were involved with the new design idea and there has been much discussion around what this new tree can represent. We see our school motto very clearly in this tree. The trunk we see as representing CARE. We are all connected and need to care about how we treat each other as students, teachers, parents, and we are all an important part of Southwood School, creating a strong base. The branches that stretch out we see as representing LEARN. There are three branches to show different learning styles of our students. There are also large and small leaves that we interpret as the GROW portion of our motto. The large leaves being our teachers and the small leaves our students. Then there is the large arching circle at the top which we see as representing the path we are walking together in our learning and also representing the community that surrounds our students and staff at Southwood School.


By: Mrs. Beaudin – Vice Principal

From the September Newsletter

in: General