We hope you’re excited to come back to school! You’re starting a new grade in a new classroom, and with new teachers! There are also some new things at Southwood! We have a new office! Mrs. Barkman can’t wait to say hello to you there! We have a new Vice Principal! Mrs. Beaudin is looking forward to meeting you all! There are new teachers at Southwood School! You’ll get to know many of them as the school year begins! See if you notice anything else new at Southwood when you come back on your first day.

The new school year is exciting! Think of all the new things you get to discover! New ideas to learn, important questions to ask, and projects to work on! School is great! You’re friends will be looking forward to seeing you, and you may even make some new friends with your classmates!

Most of all though, your teacher can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into your new classroom. Meet the teacher night is on Tuesday, September 8th from 4:30 pm until 6:00 pm. So bring your new school supplies, and come with your parents to get a sneak peak at your new classroom.!

See you soon!

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